Company Code of Ethics

Saquella 1856 S.r.l is one of the oldest roasting companies in Italy.
Since its foundation, it has placed people and territory at the centre of its values.
The consolidated penetration of the most qualified bars and restaurants, organised distribution and traditional retail makes Saquella Caffè one of the most established coffee roasters in central Italy on the domestic market.
On the other hand, the internationalisation process started in the 1970s: as of today, there are more than 40 countries with which Saquella maintains commercial relations through qualified distributors or subsidiaries that absorb more than 50% of global production.
After more than 160 years, the original mission of quality, which has always been pursued, remains the main inspiration: from the choice of the best raw materials to the careful blending and roasting process.
Today, the company is still run by the Saquella family with respect for the values that inspired its creation.
This Code emphasises ethical commitments and responsibilities towards employees, suppliers, customers and, in general, all actors operating in the environment in which the Company is active.


From a long tradition consolidated over 160 years of history, the company’s mission is to continue to offer a high-quality product, without compromise, while respecting the values that inspire its choices every day: responsibility, reliability, innovation, tradition, professionalism and internationalisation.


Saquella 1856 aims to be a benchmark in the production of high-quality Italian espresso coffee, in the Ho.re.ca and Retail markets in Central Italy and abroad, working with over 40 countries and consolidating its position as one of Italy’s leading coffee exporters.


The principles and contents of this Code of Ethics are brought to the attention of employees, directors and all persons working for the company (whether through stable or occasional relationships) and will be reviewed whenever the need arises.



Suppliers of raw materials/services/packaging shall be selected following objective and impartial criteria and guaranteeing them equal opportunities for collaboration. Each supplier shall act in accordance with the principles of fairness, loyalty, quality and cost-effectiveness towards the Company, operating in compliance with the ethical requirements shared with it. All information provided shall be truthful, authentic, documented and confidential, in line with good business practice.


The company has customers satisfaction as its primary goal. For this reason, it strives to offer quality products and services, working with efficiency and courtesy. Furthermore, it guarantees extreme fairness and accuracy in providing advertising or other product information to enable its customers to make informed decisions.


Saquella 1856’s relations with local, national and international public institutions are conducted in compliance with current regulations and on the basis of the general principles of fairness and loyalty. Recipients acting on behalf of the Company itself in relations with the Public Administration conform their conduct to criteria of transparency and loyalty, guaranteeing integrity and completeness of the supporting documentation.


The Company guarantees the dissemination of the Code of Ethics to employees through its publication on the notice board. It is required that everyone, employees and partners, know and observe, to the extent of their competence, the prescriptions of the same. The Company promotes the dignity, equality and well-being of each individual, rejecting all forms of irregular, child or forced labour. It also undertakes to protect the psycho-physical integrity of employees, respecting their personality and promotes the same behaviour among them.
The acquisition and employment of the company’s human resources is evaluated without any type of discrimination, in respect of equal opportunities.


This code sets out the rights and duties of workers whose relationship is subordinate to the company management. Each worker must maintain polite and respectful relations with his or her colleagues and managers in order to foster a positive climate within the company.


The company ensures full respect for workers’ rights, in accordance with the C.C.N.L Industria Alimentare (collective labour agreement (CLA), Food Industry)


The worker must behave in accordance with the duties inherent in the performance of the tasks entrusted to him/her, and in particular must:

1. observe working hours and comply with the formalities prescribed by the company for checking attendance;
2. commit to assigned duties in a constant and diligent way, observing the provisions of the contract in force, as well as the instructions given by their supervisors;
3. maintain absolute secrecy regarding the interests of the company both during and after termination of employment;
4. take care of the premises, furniture, objects, machinery and tools entrusted to him/her

The Company guarantees at every level the protection of personal dignity, prohibiting:

– any kind of harassment (wherever and however exercised) in working relations between its employees, collaborators and consultants;
– forms of discrimination based on race, colour, sex, age, religion, physical condition, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship, political or trade union membership or any other discrimination contrary to the law;
– use of alcohol and drugs during working hours, promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle;
– use of company assets for purposes other than work, avoiding the pursuit of any personal advantage through relations with customers and/or suppliers on behalf of the company.


The Company promotes health and safety in the working environment at every level of activity; it works to guarantee the physical and moral integrity of its employees, working conditions that respect individual dignity and a safe and healthy working environment, in full compliance with the relevant legislation in force.

Company-owned assets must be used appropriately for legitimate and authorised purposes.
All employees are responsible for safeguarding and protecting such assets from loss, theft, misuse, damage and waste in order to preserve the value of the entire company.
Company-owned assets include, but are not limited to:

a) Computer systems, equipment and technological machinery
b) Telephones, photocopiers, scanners and fax machines
c) Various office supplies
d) Raw materials, foodstuffs produced by the company, packaging

Use for other purposes and misappropriation of such assets constitutes a breach of duty towards the company and is punishable (except in the case of major offences).
Carelessness and waste of company property (with reference to foodstuffs produced by the company) may also be considered a breach of duty towards the organisation. If an employee becomes aware of a shortage, theft, misuse, damage or waste of company property, he/she is required to notify the competent management and/or the property itself.

In the event of misuse or theft of foodstuffs, the manager shall take action, issue disciplinary sanctions and/or inform the competent authorities.
In the event of repeated misconduct, the measures provided for in the collective agreement shall be taken.


The Company is committed to selecting raw materials and semi-finished products from suppliers who share the same concern for biodiversity protection, guarantee and traceability. In addition, the Company works on developing product projects aimed at enhancing the value of the environment along the entire production chain. Respect for the environment is embodied in the use of recyclable, biodegradable and compostable packaging, in the use of Rainforest and Bio certified raw materials, and in the adhesion to FairTrade, an international ethical certification mark that supports the most disadvantaged producers in developing countries, guaranteeing them a fair price.


The task of supervising the observance and functioning of the Organisation and Management Model adopted by Saquella 1856 is entrusted to the Company Management. The latter is responsible for

• Verifying the dissemination of the Code of ethics;
• the training and information of the Addressees;
• the management, verification and updating of the principles and rules expressed in the Code;
• the interpretation of the Code, acting as a point of reference to settle any conflict or doubt on the application of the principles expressed therein;
• the verification of compliance with the Code of Ethics and the Organisational Model by the Addressees;
• the safeguard, assistance and protection of the Code’s Addressees so that they may report behaviour that does not comply with the Code, protecting them from pressure, interference, intimidation and retaliation.


Throughout its history, the company has shown an ability to excel in both production and sales, as evidenced by the acquisition of important market shares in Italy and abroad.
The Company carries out its work by adopting the highest international food safety standards such as BRC, IFS, FAIRTRADE, RAINFOREST, BIO, FDA, ISO 9001, Kosher and is careful to safeguard ethical-social and safety aspects, as attested by SMETA certification.


Pescara, 21/06/2022

Company Management