New compostable Saquella Espresso Pods

A range of ESE compatible pods, now 100% biodegradable

Saquella new compostable pods are compatible with all ESE machines.

You can choose from many prestigious coffee blends, carefully roasted, ground and packaged in pods by Saquella to offer you all the pleasure of a real espresso made at home or in the office. The “Espresso Classico” pods, with an intense and full-bodied profile, or the “Espresso Arabica” pods with a sweet and persistent taste for those who love to enjoy an aromatic coffee and, for those who want to enjoy the pleasure of an espresso without caffeine, the pods ” Espresso Decaf “.

The paper pods are individually wrapped in a modified atmosphere therefore preserving the freshness and flavour of the coffee. The Saquella pods are 100% compostable.

After using them, they can be disposed of in the compost bins, making them completely environmentally friendly. Saquella’s commitment to sustainability is also evident in the packaging of the pods that are made of 100% recyclable materials.


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