SAQUELLA presents the new aluminum capsules.

Discover the new aluminum capsules

The exclusive design of our brand new aluminium capsules is the most important news from Saquella.

Aluminium capsules are the top class in guaranteeing an hermetic conservation of coffee, and they allow us to avoid the use of an external packaging .

In fact, aluminium protects the coffee from external agents, such as humidity, heat, oxygen and light, which would otherwise compromise the quality of the aroma. It is thanks to this material that you can brew a coffee with exceptional creaminess and intensity, as if it had just been roasted and ground.

Aluminium is not only a fundamental resource for preserving the quality of coffee, it is also a light material, which does not alter the taste of the food it contains Another important factor is that the aluminium is recyclable,  therefore helping with sustainability.

Saquella’s Capsules are available in 4 different blends and each one is available in 10, 30 and 50 packs : Gran Cru, Bella Crema, Intenso and Dekaf



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